Churchlands Primary School

Term 1 2018

Year 1 Rooms 1, 2 and 3

Class Teachers:        Room 1           Mrs Libby Trotter

                                    Room 2           Mrs Barbara Greyling

                                    Room 3           Ms Jenna Coghill

Firstly, well done to all the year 1 students for all of their hard work and amazing attitudes towards their learning so far this year! Both teachers have been absolutely amazed with what we have all achieved together. And, with so much learning already covered this year, Room 2 and 3 are looking forward to an excitement filled, jam packed Term 3!

This term, while continuing to become fluent, expressive and confident readers, we are exploring the narrative genre in Literacy. Using some exciting new tools, such as Toontastic and Book Creator on the iPads, we will be putting our authoring hats on and creating creative stories that put a unique twist into some of our all-time classics. Building on our ‘Show it! Don’t Say’ and ‘Sizzling Start’ strategies we are looking to entertain and WOW our readers over the next few weeks. We are also looking forward to recognising many more ‘Radical Writers’ too - so look out for some fantastic sentence examples on a SeeSaw page near you!

After a challenging assessment period to end Semester One, we are now turning our attention to measurement, space, data and chance in Maths. Within these wonderfully rich topics we have been building our problem solving and critical thinking skills, while also developing a real understanding at how Maths links to our everyday lives. Our year ones have also begun applying their basic Maths knowledge to more complex general problems - sometimes with some very cool tools!

In other curriculum areas we are comparing the past with the present day in a variety of aspects in History, we are examining light and sound in Science, we are unpacking digital systems in Digital Technologies, and building friendships in Health. There will be a number of hands on projects that may need support from home for these subjects, so please keep an eye on SeeSaw for further details.

As a whole school we are also embarking on our very first STEAM project. Together, we are using the Design Process to help design and create ‘useful’ items that have been made from recycled materials, while learning a lot of Maths, Science, Engineering, Art and Technology! The project will continue over most of the term, culminating in a STEAM expo in Week 10, where families and friends are invited to come in and view our hard work. Start saving your recycled materials for us to build - ‘Our Most Magnificent Things!’

Although we have learned so much about our worms so far this year, with special thanks to Mrs Samsa and Benita DiGiovanni, we continue our responsibilities and learning through tending our worms farm throughout the second semester.

Finally, we have been keeping very busy in all of our specialists’ classes, as well as keeping very active with our Junior sports on Friday mornings. Sport has indeed been ramping up with the excitement of our heralded Sports Carnival coming up in Week 6! Book week, and Science week are also this term, and we are all eagerly awaiting each!