Churchlands Primary School


Kindergarten Red/Blue ECE 4

Class Teachers:    Mrs Fiona Jackson and Mrs. Judy-anne Ward.

Educational Assistants:  Mrs Jenny Aleksandrow (Mrs Jenny) Monday – Wednesday

Mrs Sandra Swan and Mrs Elizabeth Lund Thursday and Friday

Our Program:

Welcome to the last fun filled term in Kindergarten Capers! We are going to have so much fun learning. This term we will be having a fantastic time learning all about The Ocean and Christmas.


  • The Ocean weeks 1-5
  • Christmas weeks 6-10



We have been so clever learning our alphabet sounds and will continue joining these together to make words. We will continue writing our names, ensuring we start with a capital and continue with lower case letters.


We will continue learning about numbers to recognise, subitise and count. We will continue exploring shapes and their properties.

Physical Activity:

We will continue exploring how our bodies can move and different ways of moving around the playground. Our yoga and mindfulness program will continue, as we extend and increase our body and breathing control.