Churchlands Primary School

        Kindy ECE U4

Class Teachers: Mrs Fiona Jackson (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Kristie Van Den Berg (Wednesday)

Education Assistants: Mrs Jenny and Mrs Sandra Swan  (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs Plumb (Thursday and Friday)

Welcome to Churchlands Primary School Kindergarten. We are ECE4 Red/Blue. This term we will be settling into our new environment and getting to know our new friends and teachers. We will be learning about the "Churchlands' Way" of conducting ourselves at school. We need to be listening respectfully to the person speaking. We need to keep ourselves and our friends safe and we always try our best.


We will be exploring all the things that make us who we are. We are all very different and special. Our name is special, our birthday is special and our family and friends are special.

We will be learning about our place in the community and the many professionals who help us.


The alphabet sounds will begin to be introduced one a week. We will learn what sound a letter makes and attempt writing it. We will be writing our names using a capital letter at the start and then lower case letters.


We will be learning how to quickly count a small group of objects (subitising).

We will be counting up to ten and learning our colours.

Physical movement:

We will be learning and practising the different ways we can move our bodies. We will be learning about and practising yoga and mind calming activities.

We are looking forward to a fantastic semester.