Churchlands Primary School


Pre-Primary ECE U1

Class Teachers: Sarah McKee and Jasmin Neuwen

Welcome back! Wow weeeee -Term 3.

This is an incredibly busy term!

Gentle reminders are always posted or sent, but always ask if you’re unsure.

Up and Coming Events

On Friday the 11 August the whole school participates in an amazing Lapathon. We have all been training and will be super fit for the event. The school oval is a sight to behold as everyone turns up to run, walk, jog or dance around the oval to help raise money for the school. All fundraisers are then entered into a monster raffle draw. Last year there were over 40 prizes! The more money you raise, the more raffle tickets you get.

Thursday 22 August is Sports Carnival Day. All Pre-primary students participate in a running race on the oval. Faction shirts aren’t essential, just more colourful. The PP races are usually held mid-morning, but stay tuned for exact times to be posted on the class blackboard. This is a great opportunity for the children to see and experience what they will be a larger part of next year.

***Now this is exciting! All the Pre-primary students, spread across three classes, will be hosting and performing at the assembly on Friday 15 September.

They will all be involved in presenting the musical extravaganza, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK.

More information will come your way closer to the event.

Home Reading

Home reading continues in Term 3 + a sight word booklet. All students will be taking home a sight word booklet in week 3. A sight word is any word that is known automatically by the reader. These words need to be read automatically, without sounding out, for reading fluency to develop. Please dedicate a few minutes every day to practising these words. New words will be added during the term.

 ICT News

We have welcomed the arrival of 6 Bluebots into ECE1. We learnt how to look after them and make them travel in different directions on the floor.  Our class watched the story of Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins and programmed our Bluebots to do the same sequence that Rosie did.  We used different tools to solve problems when programming and we learnt that left and right look different from the perspective of the Bluebot.  This was a very valuable learning tool, where we had to work collaboratively. We can't wait to do more robotics and program coding this semester with our Bluebots.

Mr Johnson, one of our Year 1 teachers, will be visiting the classroom once a week to further develop our ICT skills in readiness for Year 1. 

SeeSaw is up and running in PP1.