Churchlands Primary School

Pre-Primary   ECE U2

Class Teachers:                    Mrs Jasmin Neuwen (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Natalie Seath (Thurs, Fri)

Education Assistants:          Mrs Pre Ratna


We will be following the Letters and Sounds program for phonics and applying our learnt knowledge to read the Dandelion Readers. To gain knowledge through reading and literature and to develop our concepts of print we’ll be reading the Key Links books. Writing is explored and experimented through weekend recounts and retells of traditional tales. We will also learn to write cards, notes, lists and procedures through cross-curricular activities.


  1. will follow a scope and sequence of concepts to be learnt throughout the year. Each topic will be introduced and supported by the enVision maths program. This term we are concentrating on Numbers beyond 20 as well as adding and subtracting of small numbers. We will explore measurement through time, capacity, mass and length. Shape and space are other concepts to be taught and learned in Term 3.


We will be exploring Earth Sciences this term, looking at weather and seasons. We will be exploring the different types of weather in our world, how we are affected by changes in weather and how weather influences our environment.


We will be exploring Geography with a focus on maps. We will explore how globes and maps are representations of our earth and where we live. We will compare different styles of maps and create some of our own.


In health we are developing our social skills and resilience through Bounce Back and the Protective Behaviours programs. We are also learning about Cybersafety!


The iPads are a great learning tool for us. We are learning to login and use passwords for various programs and to access eBooks by using a Q Reader. The Pre-primaries are also preparing for a technology open day to show what they can do with technology such as simple coding using iPads and robots.


We will continue with action songs and singing games- chanting, singing, moving hands and body; exploring sounds in the environment and using instruments in the classroom; singing for enjoyment, expression and meaning and exploring creative movement to music

All Pre-Primary classes will combine to present the assembly in week 9 of term 3.