Churchlands Primary School

Term 4 year 3 2017 Outline


Maths - Number patterns, finding the rule and algebra, Time and telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, Location and Transformation (shape, symmetry, reflection), Chance and Data (collecting data, representing data through graphs).

Reading - Guided Reading: Comprehension skills of Synthesising (putting all the pieces of information together and adding your own knowledge/experience) and Visualising and Visual Literacy (exploring how a text used pictures, diagrams, web browsers, icons, etc to convey meaning). Plus Figurative Language through poems and lyrics.

Writing - Exploring the purposes of to socialise and to instruct through a variety of texts such as invitations, poems, flowcharts, instructions for games.

Spelling - continuation of Words their Way program tailored to specific level of development.

HASS - Aboriginal Culture and Kings Park History.

Design and Technology - Aboriginal tools and implements.

Digital Technology - Coding and creating an online game.

Health & Well Being - Building and maintaining positive relationships.