Churchlands Primary School

Term 3 2017

Year 3 Room 15

Class Teacher: Clare Etherington


We are focussing on Montioring Understanding and Determining Importance as part of our Guided Reading sessions.  For Writing we are looking at the different text types of Descriptions, Reports and Explanations.  The Grammar focus is on Homophones, Compound words, Sentence Structure, Paragraphs, Connectives and different types of Pronouns.  Spelling is a continuation with Words their Way program with a focus on phoneme, grapheme, syllables and definitions of words in context.


In Number and Algebra we are reviewing and exploring numbers to 10 000. Students will be focusing on ordering, illustrating and applying their understanding of place value to solve problems and calculations mentally, written or with digital technology where regrouping is involved. Students will recall multiplication and division facts related to two, three, five and ten. They will also develop their range of strategies to solve problems. Students will also review and deepen their understanding of fractions to represent and model halves, quarters, thirds and fifths. Students will also identify equivalent fractions. For Measurement and Geometry, students will measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and capacity. They will also create and interpret simple grid maps to show position and pathways. For Statistics and Probability, students will apply their understandings of collecting data by planning, identifying, displaying, interpreting and comparing information in a variety of ways with and without the use of digital technology.

Health and Well Being

The focus is on discussing emotions, courage, success and Protective behaviours of knowing your network to ask for help along with body awareness.


We are learning all about Biology. We are planting in the 9R Shed and learning all about what makes something living or non-living. Later in the term we will work on classifying animals and thinking about why scientists might classify groups of animals. Next term we are hoping to harvest our veggies and host a cooking day!


We are learning all about how to live sustainably. Subsequently, our project includes designing an invention that will help the environment in some way. These inventions will be constructed using recycled materials, and will incorporate the use of technology.


We are learning all about civics and citizenship. We are learning all about our local government, and their responsibilities, as well as what it means to live in a democratic country.