Churchlands Primary School


Welcome to Room 15 Term 1 2018

We have had an excellent start to the year with many students showing what independent and resilient people they are!  They have settled well into the class routine and are learning to take ownership of their learning, enhancing their way to become 21st century learners.


We will be writing cinquain poems, invitations and reports focussing on using interesting adjectives and verbs. Some writing samples will be published to Seesaw for parents to view. Term one focus will be on writing recounts using all the correct language conventions such as capital letters and full stops. Our first excursion is booked for March and we are off to Fremantle to Cicerellos where we will be touching starfish, crayfish and even a Port Jackson shark! The excursion provides the students with wonderful experiences to write interesting recounts. We have started an English journal using ‘Book Creator’ on our iPads where we store samples of different genres of writing.

Focus in reading is using the guided reading program where reading strategies are taught. We are sharing fiction and non-fiction. All students have access to an outstanding online reading program called Lexia Core 5 which helps students improve their comprehension skills. Students are expected to use this program daily for 15 minutes.

The Letters and Sounds program will be used for spelling.


We use the excellent enVision maths program. Our main focus is place value of numbers to 100 and beyond as well as addition and subtraction concepts and strategies. Focus is on automatic recall of addition and subtraction facts to 20. Mathletics is the online maths programme that students are expected to use at least once a week. The activities reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.


Our topic this term is Earth and Beyond. We are studying water and how important it is at home and at school. Our science investigation will explore the properties of sinking and floating. We will learn how to record out results.


Bounce Back lessons, health lessons and protective behaviours will form the basis of our values and wellbeing curriculum helping our students to be happy and healthy! The focus for term 1 is on social strategies and the importance of good manners and belonging. Digital citizenship is another important topic covered in health.


Students are learning about the states that make up Australia and the capital cities in each state. We are studying the important places in Australia and sharing our favourite places to visit. It is essential that the children know their address and suburb.

Digital Technology

This year is the first year that we will be formally assessing digital technology as part of our reporting to parents requirement. Students will be given formal lessons on digital citizenship and skills required for using the apps on their iPads.


Year 2 students are planting out the vegetable patches in the 9R shed in March. It is our responsibility to maintain the garden during term 1 and 2. We will be harvesting and cooking the vegetables in term 2.

If you have a particular area of expertise or interest and would like to come in and assist please contact Mrs Barbosa on Parents can make appointments after school and strongly encouraged to assist in developing independence by encouraging students to enter the classroom by themselves and begin their daily 5.

Thank you

Mrs Barbosa