Churchlands Primary School

Term 3 2017

Year 3 Room 9

Class Teacher: Tanya Grescos

We have many exciting things happening in room 9 this term, such as our Duyfken history excursion on Tuesday 25th July and our class assembly on Friday 4th August!  Please make sure you continue to log onto our Room 9 Seesaw page so that you can be a part of our learning and keep up-to-date with our progress.


Words their Way is our program for spelling and vocabulary development. Fortnightly spelling lists are in the students folders to be practiced at home. It is expected that the following home tasks be completed: Monday and Wednesday- LSCWC, Tuesday- write words in alphabetical order, Thursday- parent test.

Guided reading and Literacy Pro program to develop reading fluency and comprehension in small groups. The comprehension strategies we will be looking at during our guided reading sessions this term are Compare and Contrast, Predicting and understand Cause and Effect. Reading for a minimum of 10 minutes at home is expected on a daily basis.

Cars/Stars is the comprehension program we are using.

Writing: We will continue to work on writing simple, compound and complex sentences in our daily writing tasks and narratives. We will then move into letter writing in the second half of this term. English grammar is completed every morning.


Based on the Envision Program, we will commence the measurement and geometry unit this term as we look at shapes, angles, measurement and time. We will move onto statistics and probability next term. Weekly Mathletics tasks will be set to compliment these topics. Students are expected to complete their daily mental maths tasks at home and this will be marked in class the following day.


Biological Science We will be learning all about plants and life cycles. We will be growing broad beans in class and the year 4 classes are in charge of maintaining the school frog pond this semester!

Science Inquiry Skills

Students will conduct several experiments during this unit of work and will learn how to set up scientific investigations.


We continue on with our history unit this term. In week 2 the year 4 classes have their history excursion to Fremantle. We will be going on a historical walk and then onto the Duyfken replica ship. In class we have been learning about the early explorers in the world and their very first contact with Australia and this excursion will compliment and extend on the students’ prior knowledge exceptionally well.


This term we will focus on healthy eating, emotions, courage and persistence. We will continue to look at the 16 Habits of Mind. Exemplary use of a particular HOM will be in the running to get the Bounce Backer of the Week award each Friday.


All programs in year 4 at Churchlands Primary School have been developed collaboratively between the year 4 teachers. We regularly moderate our assessments and tasks to ensure consistency between classes.

If you have any queries or need further information about the progress of your child, please feel free to contact me.


Lexia Reading Core 5 and Mathletics are online for homework.

Mental Maths books to be brought in on Fridays for their weekly test.

Monday- Library

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Sport and music

Thursday- Sport

Friday- Middle sport and drama