Churchlands Primary School

What’s happening Year 4 - Room 7- Term Four

Can’t believe we are soon at the very end of the year! The children have come back refreshed after the break and I hope their enthusiasm will hang in there all the way to the end! We will have a few end-of-year assessments this term, looking at the progress made in different subjects. I will try to spread them out to not exhaust the children! We will also have the Christmas concert in December – I will get back to you with this year’s theme.

Keep encouraging Lit Pro reading, Lexia Core, Mathletics and timetables at home!


We will continue this term with a focus on measurement: time, looking at shapes/angles and maps. We will also look into statistics and probability. We will continue to use the Envision maths program and extension activities for our maths experts. I will assess the children’s knowledge on times tables, so keep up practising at home! They should be – and if they are not keep working at it – fluent in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 already. We aim to nail 7, 8 and 9 this term, so practise at home!


We will start the term with focusing on writing and enjoying poetry as well as writing letters. I will continue to insist on all students reading one Literacy Pro book in class. As per previous term, it can go home if need be, but it needs to live in your child’s take-home folder. We will continue with guided reading in small groups, learning about figurative language and the purpose of a text.

I would like each student to recite a poem of his or her choice to the class. Browse through those old poetry books and help your child pick one that is interesting! It doesn’t have to be a long one – four verses would do. They will need to learn their poems by heart and we would like to see actions or props in their performance. This would give your child an opportunity to practise speaking in front of an audience. It will also expose the children in our class to a range of different poems.


All year 4s will keep working on History in HASS at the very beginning of this term. We will also study Civics and Citizenship having the Constitutional Centre come out to teach the students the difference between rules and laws and looking closer at the three levels of government. We will particularly learn about the responsibilities of the local government in our area. We will do some research at school on our local government and then we would like to see the children complete their planning document at home. You are welcome to guide them in the right direction. Their planning sheet will then be the basis of an individual brochure made at school. They can print pictures they would like to use for their brochures at home or save them onto a USB to print at school (no colour printing at school, only black and white). We hope to have this done by the middle of the term.


To continue to strive to incorporate STEAM in our middle block classes, we will have the kids design an addition to - or new - playground.  This is a program developed by Scitech and it links well to the HASS this term. I have also been promising to do circuits all year, so I have to squeeze it in before the end of the term…or they will not be happy!


We are learning Physical science this term with a focus on forces, gravity, magnets and friction. We will try to get through as many great scientific investigations as possible.

Sustainability Program

The year fours are responsible for the frog pond and the aboriginal garden. We will plant some bush tucker this term and aim to prepare it so the children can have a taste. The frog pond is in need of a make over and Mrs Samsa is working on getting it up and running for next year. We will be on stand by to assist whenever she needs some help. 


We will look closer at goal setting, positive thinking, healthy relationships and the importance of physical health this term. The Habits of Mind weekly focus will continue to be used to identify the Bounce Backer of the week and will be awarded to a student who demonstrates his/her application and understanding of this skill each week.