Churchlands Primary School

Term 3 2017

Year 4   Room 7

Class Teacher: Sara Morgan

Full speed ahead, or shall we say full STEAM ahead! A very busy term – we have a history excursion, Musica Viva incursion, a STEAM incursion, book week, athletics carnivals and of course loads of learning! In addition, PEAC testing will occur on Monday 7 August, week 4.


We have started the term with a bit of algebra/fractions and we will move on to measurement, looking at angles, perimeter, area, time and temperature. We will continue to use the Envision maths program and extension activities for our maths experts. I will assess the children’s knowledge on times tables, so keep up practising at home! They should be – and if they are not keep working at it – fluent in 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11 already. I will continue to give a particular times table to practise at home each fortnight. Please drill away and note down how long they take to get it all right.


In writing, we will be focusing on particular steps of our writing – in particular Show Don’t Tell and Sizzling Starts. We will practise persuasive texts, diary writing and journals.  As a result of many parents’ concerns with regards to the Literacy Pro program, I have insisted on all students reading one Literacy Pro book in class. It can go home if need be, but it needs to live in your child’s take-home folder. The plan is to discuss their books in small groups, which hopefully will open up some ideas of different books to read for the unsure reader. We will continue with guided reading in small groups, looking closer at different skills good readers use to better understand a text.


We are learning Biological science this term with a focus on life cycles both in plants and animals. We have already planted our broad beans exploring different conditions needed for ultimate growth. The program is developed in close alignment with the Sustainability program at the school.


All year 4s will work on History in HASS this term. The program has been collaboratively planned between the three year four teachers. The children will study early explorations of the world and looking closer at the first fleet and the hardships they endured.


In health, we will start the term by learning about healthy eating and having a balanced diet. We will move into different emotions, how to show courage and protective behaviours.  


We have been working closely with Mt Hawthorn Primary School developing a STEAM program (Science Technology Engineering (Arts) Mathematics). The program is called Nifty Navigators, which we will trial this term. It is linked with HASS as well since the children will create a vehicle for the explorer they have researched. The aim is to recreate the most famous journey of their navigator on a large world map using the spheroes as motors. We will keep you posted on our progress…

As a school we are also launching STEAM with a common project run at the end of the term (week 9 Expo). The project is called The Most Magnificent Thing. The students will need to create a useful object using recyclable materials. I will let you know the details later in the term. Our class will be STEAM experts by then!