Churchlands Primary School

Term 3 2017

Year 4 Room 8

Class Teachers: Milani Grace and Joanne Basei

Welcome back! This term, is an opportunity to set new goals and plan for success. We would sincerely like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in attending the parent interviews and willingness to always be involved in assisting your children with homework and class events.

We will be working extremely hard this semester to consolidate our learning in all areas of the curriculum. Through our guided reading program we will be focusing on the skills of summarising, identifying the author’s purpose and interpreting figurative language. In spelling, we will continue with our fortnightly homework activities and parent test. Well done to those children who have continued to persist with the My Lexia online literacy support or have completed level 18. Congratulations!   In writing we will be focussing on perspective writing in a historical context, letter writing and revising persuasive writing.

Geometry and measurement will be our focus for this semester as we explore the attributes of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, use compass points to describe location and explore the symmetry of shapes in the environment. Then we will move on to comparing units of time, reading time to the nearest minute and refining our problem solving skills. We will be learning to investigate, compare and measure length, mass, volume and capacity using metric units. Mathletics activities are aligned to support the concepts covered in the maths curriculum so don’t forget to complete the set tasks.

In science, we have planned to investigate and record the growth of a broad bean seed and measure and observe the germination process of the seed under different conditions. Year 4 children are also encouraged to take care of the maintenance of the frog pond while gaining a deeper understanding that living things depend on each other and the environment to survive.

The history curriculum will be looking at ‘First Contacts.’ We will be looking at world navigators/explorers, their contacts with other societies and their impact. Then we will move onto stories of the First Fleet – reasons for the journey, who travelled and their experiences. This subject will also look at Australia’s first peoples and the ways Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples are connected to Country and Place.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us should you have any questions, queries, concerns or feedback.