Churchlands Primary School

Dear Parents,

Please find below an outline of the final term for 2017. We would encourage you have a thorough read over to find out what your child is learning. Some points can be excellent family dinner conversations, can provoke local library visits or spark conversations from signs and things happening around our environment.

 For example; in HASS this term we are looking at the familiar services provided by the local government. We will be looking at parks, foot and bike paths, garbage collection, public libraries, roads and parking facilities. When you encounter these things on a daily basis it would great if you could point them out and have rich discussions around purpose and improvement.

We will also be delving into the online world of emails. A note will go home soon seeking permission for your child to participate. It is completely optionally and if you wish for your child not to have an education department email address, alternative accommodations can be made.

We are both looking forward to another very busy but productive term. Please do not hesitate to contact either of us should you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards,

Milani Grace & Jo Basei

Room 8 Term 4 Overview 2017




  • Letter writing: both formal and informal for different target audiences. Language features to include: Heading, date, greeting, content. Closing, signature and post script. 
  • Emails: With parental permission we will deconstruct and write emails looking at etiquette when writing emails and the appropriate online safety.
  • Poetry: We will explore free verse, cinquain, sensory, shape, haiku and talismanic poetry. Language feature to include: alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, symbolism, rhyme, rhythm and repetition.


  • Guided Reading: Twice a week deconstructing texts working on the strategies: Author’s purpose, Interpreting Figurative Language.



  • Continue with Words Their Way lists on a fortnightly rotation




  • Looking for a pattern to solve a problem
  • Describe and solve geometric patterns
  • Exploring expressions to find missing numbers
  • Identifying equal and unequal number sentences and finding equality


  • Telling the time to the minute
  • Relating and comparing units of time
  • Finding elapsed time
  • Understanding temperature


  • Measuring with formal units of length
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Millilitres and Litres
  • Grams and Kilograms
  • Reducing, enlarging and converting different units of measure.
  • Reading scales


  • Using surveys and organising data
  • Venn diagrams
  • Reading and making different types of graphs to draw conclusions
  • Identifying related and independent events



Physical Science this term will focus on our Smooth Moves topic.


  • It provides students with the opportunity to explore forces and motion and to identify and investigate how different- sized forces affect the movement of objects.




  • Perspective writing on the arrival of the First Fleet
  • Letter writing from the perspective of either an Indigenous Australian or a European with a close to accurate version of events.



  • The difference between the rules and laws
  • The importance and purpose of laws
  • The purpose of government and some familiar services provided by a local government
  • People belonging to different cultural, religious and/or social groups and how this can help to shape identity.


The Habits of Mind weekly focus will be used to identify the Bounce Backer of the week and will be awarded to a student who demonstrates his/her application and understanding of this skill each week.

 Lessons will include- Goal Setting for term 4, Relationships and the importance of Physical Health.


  • Lessons will include- goal setting for term 4, relationships and the importance of physical health.




Lexia Core, Mathletics and Scholastic Learning Zone, online homework is to be ongoing.

Mental Maths books to be brought in each Friday for the weekly test.