Churchlands Primary School


Year 5 Room 11

Class Teacher:          Ms Hannah Barnett

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome I have received! I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Churchlands and look forward to the rest of the year.


The students are now in targeted spelling groups and will be focusing on lists at their level from Words Their Way. Their lists will change fortnightly.


We will be using the Seven Steps to Writing activities and revising text structures with a focus on writing descriptions, explanations and summarising information. Writing will often be linked to our Novel Study as well as Science and HASS.


Our class text for this term is Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dhal.  The reading strategies that are our focus will be summarising and monitoring understanding. The students will also be beginning guided reading this term.


We are covering Measurement and Geometry, based around the enVision Program. We will also be using the Maths Skills books for mental maths practise and revision of concepts.


We will continue to foster the Habits of Mind and the Churchlands’ Way, and focus on healthy eating and active lifestyle choices for continued wellbeing. 



We will be focusing on Biological Sciences and learning about the adaption of plants and animals within their environments. There will be a research task, report and presentation toward the end of term.


Wewill be learning about early Australian settlement with a focus on The Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade.


Students have a homework challenge where they will be required to design, build and present a ‘contraption’. We will also be having STEM challenges during class and integrated ICT where possible across the other learning areas.