Churchlands Primary School

The focus for the term will be a series of lessons based around the Dreamtime story of “Tiddalick”. The children will also be developing their understanding of the use and creation of procedures using literature such as “George’s Marvellous Medicine”.
We will continue our Guided Reading program where children will be participating in teacher led and independent activities enhancing their ability to understand and comprehend different text types such as procedures, reports and narratives. They will also explore the concepts of making conclusions and drawing inferences through the use of some Pixar short film animations.
Spelling: We will continue with our Words Their Way program and homework spelling activities.
Number and Algebra
The activities this term will be based around the concepts of multiplication, division, fractions and money.
Statistics & Probability
The children will develop their skills in collecting and organising data, reading and creating graphs and also understanding chance experiments and the possible outcomes of these. 
 Shapes and Angles: Understanding lines and line segments, introducing angles, identifying polygons, making generalisations, Identifying 2d and 3D objects, identifying faces on 3D shapes, relating 2D shapes and 3D objects, reasoning and problem solving about 3D objects. Location and Transformation: Giving and following directions, using ordered pairs on a grid, lines of symmetry, creating and using tangrams.
Time: Telling the time to the minute
Science Physical: Heating Up
Students will be investigating different heat sources and how heat moves from one object to another. They will take part in a number of investigations to identify, sort, and explore heat producers and heat sources.
1. Setting Goals
2. Learning Journey
3. Stranger Danger
4. Assertive Behaviours:
Emotions- seeking help 
Emotions- Managing worries: loneliness
Emotions- Managing anger, keeping calm
Emotions- Humour shouldn't hurt
Important Events
Week 2: Spare Parts Puppet workshop
Week 3: Kapture Photography
Week 5: Lapathon
Week 6: Book Week , Shorty Shorts Film Festival
Week 7: Voice Crown Theatre
Week 8: Athletics Carnival
I look forward to another productive term!