Churchlands Primary School

Term 4 2017

Year 5 Room 17

Class Teacher:          Paula Thompson

Welcome to room 17 for semester two 2017

Below is an outline of the subjects this semester.


Spelling – fortnightly class lists and personal spelling cards are in the students folders to be practiced at home.

Writing – our focus is on narrative and persuasive genres using the 7 steps for successful writing. We will be looking at the text structures and language features of recounts and biographies focusing on correct paragraphing.

Reading – guided reading in small groups, partner reading and silent reading is happening on a daily basis in our classroom. Reading at home daily is expected.

MATHS – Based on the Envision Program we will be covering measurement & geometry and statistics & probability, with a focus on incorporating all skills and strategies into improving problem solving techniques. Students are expected and encouraged to keep working on the Mathletics program and their Mental Maths books.

SCIENCE – The content for this term is physical sciences where we will be covering exciting investigations on light and shadows.

HASS – Civics & Citizenship

HEALTH – The focus this term will be on health, safety and wellbeing, incorporating the 16 habits of mind, social skills and managing emotions and relationships through communication and self- empowerment.


Mathletics is on line for homework, along with times tables recall practice.

Mental Maths – Mental maths books to be brought in on Fridays for their test

Spelling – class lists are brought home every fortnight

Library – Monday – students need their library bags to borrow books

PE – Monday and Friday – ‘no hat, no play’

Art – Tuesday – every student needs an art shirt

Music – Wednesday

Drama - Thursday

Leadership camp – Friday November 17 – students will need their school bag with hat, water, recess, lunch and sunscreen.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.