Churchlands Primary School



Curriculum Topics

  • Health: Personal health, safety and wellbeing.  
  • Physical Science: Natural and artificial light sources.
  • Civics & Citizenship: Democracy in Australia and understanding the voting process.
  • Maths: Simple budgeting, perimeter and area, tessellations, symmetry, mapping and locations, grid referencing, posing appropriate questions for collection of specific data.
  • Writing: We will be continuing our Seven Steps to writing activities. Revising text structures with a focus on writing descriptions, explanations and persuasive speeches.
  • Reading: Guided reading groups will focus on synthesizing (developing ideas from the text by piecing together information and prior knowledge) and visual literacy.

Novel – The Family Tree written by Jane Godwin


This term we will be discussing, and preparing for, student leadership roles in 2018.

In week 8 students nominating for a councillor position will be invited to give a speech to the years 3 to 5 students. The following week those students will vote in a secret ballot run by guests from the electoral commission.

Additional leadership roles that will be allocated next year include: music, art, drama, ICT and care captains. Sport captains may be at the end of this year or beginning of next with the others.

Our Ern Halliday excursion in week 6 is a day camp giving students an excellent opportunity to develop/learn leadership skills. The students are very excited and it should be a great day for all.


  • Mathletics and reading - 3 to 4 times each week.
  • Individual tasks that may be sent home occasionally and work that was missed due to absence.
  • Project – writing a persuasive speech for a desired leadership role at CPS or for those not applying for a role, a persuasive speech about a topic of their choice.

*All students will be required to speak in front of an audience. Specific criteria will be given closer to the time.

Dates to remember for TERM FOUR

Week 5 – Thur 9 Nov – Big Music Night

Week 6 – Fri 17 Nov – Ern Halliday Excursion

Week 8 – Wed 29 Nov – Councillor speeches to yrs 3-5

                Thur 30 Nov – Theatresports for year 5 @ 1:45 – 3pm

Week 9 – Tue 5 Dec – Electoral Commission Voting &  Presentation Evening @ 5:45pm

                Thur 7 Dec – Volunteer Thank you morning tea @ 10:45am

Week 10 – Mon 11 Dec – Reports home


J Ms Rosie Russell