Churchlands Primary School

Term 3 2017

Year 6 Room 12

Class Teacher: Jenny Kennedy

What an incredibly busy semester we have ahead of us.

We have started new topics in all learning areas:

In English we have started a new novel called The Devil’s Own by Deborah Lisson. This is historical fiction based on the wreck of the Dutch ship’ Batavia’ 400 years ago.: an incredible story of adventure, mutiny and survival.

In maths we are investigating all to do with geometry, measurement,  probability and statistics.

Electricity is this term’s science topic and we are fully immersed in circuits, batteries and sustainable energy.

Our history topic is Australia as a Nation from Federation to the present, with a particular emphasis on migration and the events that have shaped our nation.

The highlight of our term will be our musical production ‘Dream On’ in week 8. This adaption of Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s dream is challenging but we are rising to the occasion.

Term 4 will be very busy with our 5 day camp to Geraldton in week 3. Nothing will beat that experience and we can’t wait.

Returning from camp we start thinking about Graduation. It is a bit surreal that we have nearly finished primary school.

Our aim is to work hard for the rest of the school year so we are well prepared for our big move to high school.

Here’s to a productive and positive final semester of primary school.