Churchlands Primary School

Term 3 2017

Year 6 Room 13

Class Teacher: Mark O’Mara

Welcome back for another busy term at Churchlands.


We have begun to read our class novel The Devil’s Own. This is a very challenging text that tells the story of the shipwreck and subsequent mutiny on The Batavia off the coast of Geraldton (linking very well with our camp next term) in 1629. Following on from our persuasive writing topic last term, we will begin our debating topic next week. This can be a challenging experience as some students don’t enjoy the public speaking, however we spend lots of time researching and writing about the various topics to ensure the students are well prepared for the debates, which helps with their confidence. They will get the opportunity to compete in two debates this term so they can put their feedback in to practice during the second competition.


We have just finished our fractions topic and will soon begin our next topic on Percentages (all students will need a calculator for this topic). This will be followed by our Measurement and Geometry topics, which includes looking at angles and shapes, so please ensure your child has a protractor at school. Our Mental Maths topics will focus on revision of term 1 and 2 Number concepts.


Our topic is History this term. It focuses on 3 areas.

1 – Federation of Australia. When, Why, How, Who played an important role, benefits to the colonies and how Australia’s cultural identity developed.

2 – Australian Citizenship. Changes to the status and rights of Aboriginal people, women, migrants and children throughout the 1900s. Ask your child about our classroom timeline.

3 – Migration. Reasons people migrate to Australia and their contributions to Australian society.


Students will continue to develop their scientific investigation skills as they design and conduct their own experiments. They will also be studying Physical Sciences, which includes looking at how electricity works, circuits, conductors, insulators, light globes, batteries and how electricity is generated from renewable energy sources.


We will be looking at how we are influenced by our peers and the media, particularly when it comes to advertising.  We will also have 2 visits from the school health nurse, covering topics such as puberty and healthy relationships.


This term will involve the huge challenge of putting together a musical performance involving all the year 6 students. Roles have been auditioned and cast, scripts distributed and rehearsals have begun. Please ask your child what their role is and I’m sure they would appreciate the chance to practice their lines with you over the next 6-7 weeks. As it is a musical there are also a number of songs the students need to learn, again please check in with them regularly to ensure they are practising. The performances will occur in week 8, with a dress rehearsal on 4th September, 2 matinee performances for the CPS school students on 6th and 7th Sept before the evening performance for parents and family, also on the 7th Sept (Big day!). More details on ticket sales etc will happen in the coming weeks.


The students have eagerly begun knitting their teddies to take with them to camp in term 4. Thank you for helping to source needles and wool, we have had a great response. Students all have a template to work from and there are already dozens of student “experts” happy to share their skills in casting on and the knit stich. It is beautiful to see the students sitting in circles helping each other at lunch and recess, and even more so when we hear of students sitting down with grandparents or family members and learning to sew.


We are currently organising quotes for camp to Geraldton. There will be an expression of interest note going home in a few weeks to seek a commitment as the final cost will depend on the number of students attending. The dates are term 4, week 3, 23 – 27 October. Lots of information will go home in the second half of the term so stay tuned.