Churchlands Primary School

9R Shed

The sustainability program is in full swing at Churchlands primary. We have ten new environmental officers this year from year 5 and they are very keen to get involved. We also have a parent committee that assists with many activities and they meet regularly and share information which ensures that there is a link to the wider community on what is happening in sustainability at CPS

We are continuing to reduce our school waste by recycling paper, maintaining worm farms to reduce canteen waste, maintaining the compost heap by adding our food scraps from our lunches and we also aim to continue to grow our own vegetables in our new garden beds. The aboriginal garden will be enhanced this year and the frog habitat will be maintained.

The first ‘waste free lunch’ was on 22nd March. Environmental officers made posters and displayed these around the school to advertise this event. All students showed great involvement by reducing packaging in their lunch boxes.

Our first busy bee was on 19th March where we had over 40 people attend. We cleaned up the 9R shed, tidied up beds around the school grounds and cleaned the chicken coup.

We have a new sustainability / science scope and sequence (written by Elisa Letizia and Sheree Samsa) for our school so that our 9R programme is linked to the science syllabus. Each year level will receive the activities and assessments that they can implement in their classroom to ensure that sustainability is taught and assessed.

Conservation Australia is assisting in the classroom and helping with planting and making worm farms in Year 1,2 and 3. They will be visiting our school on 29th March and 26th April.

We are working towards our WASTE WISE accreditation and we have Peg Davies from Mindarie Council conducting a waste audit on 30 th March.

New parent helpers are always welcome and can contact Mrs Samsa in room 4 if they would like to be involved in our sustainability program in any way.