Churchlands Primary School

Visual art at Churchlands Primary School

The children from Pre-primary to year six at Churchlands Primary School receive one hour of Visual Arts Education per week, planned and implemented by our specialist Visual Arts teacher.  The program has been designed to be innovative, engaging and related to every child’s individual everyday world.

Many topics studied in classrooms are used within the art program to extend classroom learning or to be used as starting points in the classroom for further learning. Children gain opportunities to show their talent through school displays, assemblies, external art competitions and exhibitions. Student’s original graphics are used to enhance special event, sport and music programmes.

The purpose of our Visual Arts program is to develop the intellectual, perceptual and expressive potential of students through aural, spatial, kinaesthetic, interpersonal and visual experiences.

The students are encouraged to create original visual representations that communicate and express their imaginative ideas. They gain insight into the significance of Visual Arts in society and learn how to respond to artistic works through their developing awareness of artworks from social, cultural and historical contexts.

In art lessons, the students are shown how to be organised in their approach to tasks. Positive self-esteem is always promoted as well as individual thought and originality. They are encouraged to remain focussed on tasks and to show resilience by modifying their ideas where necessary. Also, they are encouraged to be conservative in the use of resources and to show respect for others and property.

Visual arts has the capacity to engage and inspire students, encouraging them to reach their creative and intellectual potential by stimulating imaginative and innovative thinking.

At times special art projects, such as an Artist in Residence, are undertaken to allow the students to directly interact with professional artists, helping to enhance the school and its grounds. In 2015 the students celebrated the school’s 50th anniversary by collaborating with ceramic artist Amanda Shelsher to create our unique Sculpture Garden. In 2016 following a Noongar ceremony and incursion AB Collard painted a mural near our indigenous food garden reflecting on Noongar culture and stories and relationship we all have with Our Country.

2017 Semester one Visual Art Events

Term 1

Whole school              Sculpture by the School

Term 2

Year 3-6          focus on character and  optical illusions in art and the art illustrations of Shaun Tan

Year 2-3         focus on puppetry and fantasy stories.

Year 1-2          focus on dragons and fairy tales 

All classes will have experience with working with different two dimensional medium (ie water colour crayons, pencils, collage) during the term.

Melinda Cockerill

Visual Art Specialist