Churchlands Primary School

Term 4 2017

Drama:  Mrs Di Idle

Drama Term 4  2017

This term there will be a greater emphasis on linking Drama to learning within the classrooms. 

Here are the topics covered dramatically with Mrs Idle:

Year 1: Robots, tying in with the My Robot Barking Gecko performance in excursion in week 6

Year 2: Early settlers and the hardships they faced in Western Australia.

Year 3: Aboriginal storytelling and performing Dreamtime scripted plays.

Year 4: Short plays highlighting a  Habit of Mind, reading poetry with dynamic recitations.

Year 5: Finalising and reviewing Little Lunch short films. Theatresports training.

Year 6: Writing and performing monologues based on the theme ‘migration’.


There will be a Theatresports afternoon performance by the three Year 5 classes in week 8. Students will improvise scenes and compete in drama games for points to decide the winning class. This will be a fun, collaborative performance to showcase students’ creative thinking and improvisation skills.


Within all the above topics, both devised and improvised scenes will be created in class, with some additional scripted plays being performed to peers.


Mrs Diane Idle