Churchlands Primary School

Year 3   Rooms 4, 5 and 6

Class Teachers:        Room 4:                     Lucy Mcnamara

                                Room 5:                     Clare Etherington

                                Room 6:                     Luke Johnson

We are heading deep into the past and learning about our grandparents in history this term. We are aiming to write a historical diary entry from the point of view of the students’ grandparents’ era.

Science will continue to be inquiry based using the Primary Connections as a framework. The theme for this term is ‘Physical Science’ with plenty of pushing and pulling of objects to understand how forces work!

Maths is a continuation of the Envision programme and will cover the important topics of chance & data and the exploration of numbers beyond 1000. We will continue to use formative assessments after reach topic to assess student understanding.

Our focus in reading is using the guided reading program where reading strategies are explicitly taught. Some of the strategies we are learning this term are determining importance and scanning and skimming. In writing we are revising persuasive texts and writing reviews of books we have read. Students will develop an understanding of how to express opinions orally and how to justify their position.

In health students will spend each week focusing on a Habit of Mind: week 3 was gathering data through all our senses and week 4 was creating, imagining and innovating. Protective behaviours and emotional regulation with a focus on positive relationships will also be covered.

We are full STEAM ahead at Churchlands. This term we will be following a whole-school project titled ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’. Students will follow the design process to create something useful out of recycled materials. This will culminate in a whole school week 10 open day.

We’re very excited for our STEAM themed term!