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9R Shed

The 9R shed had a makeover this year with the installation of new brick paving and garden beds. In September 2017 we regained our Waste Wise Accreditation. The 9R parent committee headed by Benita Di Giovanni assisted in achieving this goal. Our sustainability program has ensured that all students are given opportunities to care for particular areas of our 9R shed. A highlight for this year has been the re-introduction of chickens, with pre-primary students feeding and collecting the eggs daily. Each year level has designated responsibilities such as caring and maintaining the compost, worm farms, vegetable gardens and the bush tucker garden. Ten environmental officers from year 5 have assisted Miss Letizia and Mrs Samsa with the day to day running of the programme by maintaining the Sita paper recycling and assisting with waste free lunch days. Environmental Officers also assisted with the designing and implementation of the new Eco cash reward system where students earn ‘cash’ for picking up litter.  A new scope and sequence (for each grade level) with sustainability lessons linking to the Biological Science strand of Primary Connections has proven to be an invaluable teaching resource. The annual tree planting camp to Quairading where 22 students and 5 parent helpers assisted in planting 80,00 trees on salt affected farm land was a great community event and partnership. Years 2 and 3 students harvested very successful crops and cooked their produce with the support of parent helpers.  The school community has participated in feeding the chickens on the weekends and during the holidays and attending busy bees.