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Design & Technology and STEAM

With the fast approaching inclusion of the Digital Technologies curriculum in 2018, as well as a strong national focus on producing students with appropriate skills to fulfill current and future jobs, in 2017, Churchlands Primary school introduced its own STEAM program to meet these important needs. Our vision includes making sure our students are well equipped with skills and knowledge that help them not only adapt to their future professional roles, but to thrive in their ever changing environment. At Churchlands Primary School we want to provide authentic opportunities for our students to learn and practice the core learning ideas behind the STEAM movement. Along with content knowledge in the  areas of Science, Mathematics and Technology, STEAM is designed to improve our student’s ability to think creatively and critically, collaborate effectively and apply design processes to solve ‘real-world’ problems efficiently and effectively.

Design & Technology and STEAM in the Classroom

Design & Technoloy and STEAM Projects

Check out past, present and future student projects in the works at Churchlands Primary School.

2021 Scitech Challenge

Hot off the back from their wins in the CPS Design Thinking Challenge in Science Week during Term 3, our year 5 and 6 representatives were ready to apply their thinking skills against a broader challenge at the 2021 Scitech Challenge. This year, Scitech scheduled...

2021 Science / STEAM Week

Well, that is CPS/Science week for another year! It was fantastic to see so many students passionate about exploring the 'how and why' things work in our world. While our main theme this year is the ongoing study of our frog pond habitat, we didn't miss the...


Thank you to all families who participated in this year's BEBRAS Family Challenge! It was great to see so many families get involved and we have heard that there were many deep and interesting - problem-solving themed - conversations around the dinner table! Great to...

RoboCup Jr 2021

On Friday the 30 July, Churchlands Primary School participated in our second RoboCup Jr event. In the end, only our Year 6 teams represented the school and our 3 teams experienced a mix of excitement and nerves as the big day approached. All CPS Robotic students have...

RoboShowDown 2021

On Thursday 22 July, the year 3 and 4s participating in the semester 1 Coder Dojo class took part in the third CPS RoboShowdown! There were many students cheering the teams on in the undercover area with much excitement and nervous energy in the air.  The competition...


This year our Coder Dojo classes have been working hard in preparation for our annual Robotics competitions. The years 3 & 4s have been discovering how to code Photon robots to compete in the 3rd Annual CPS Robo-Showdown, while our senior students have been...

Inaugural Keen2STEAM Interschool Challenge

On Thursday 17 June, Churchlands Primary School organised and hosted the very first Churchlands Network Interschool STEAM Challenge – Keen2STEAM 2021. Woodlands and Wembley Primary Schools joined CPS on a day of critical thinking and problem solving, with students...

2021 Fluor Challenge

Congratulations to all students who took part in this year's Fluor Challenge! The brief outlined that students needed to create a tower - as high as...

RoboCup Jr

  Last Friday, 10 students from year's 5 & 6 represented the school for the very first time at the RoboCup Jr. The event is an...

Design & Technology, and STEAM Resources

Infographic Downloads

For downloadable inforgraphics showing Digital Capability activities and workflows, follow the link.

Scope & Sequence by Year Level

Select a year level to see student Digital Capability outcomes delivered at Churchlands Primary School.

Student Digital Capabilities - Self Assessment Tool

Download the student sell assessment tool for each year level.

Digital Capabilities Assessment Tasks

Tasks designed to assess Chuchlands Primary School student’s proficiency in the capabilities.