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The Physical Education program incorporated a wide range of fundamental skills for games and physical activity including dance, with a focus on linking to wider community engagement with physical activity, and life-long wellness, the students participated in weekly running club, in school sporting programs, interschool winter sports, interschool swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals.

Highlights included Churchlands PS achieving their best results at the interschool swimming and athletics carnival and increasing numbers of parents and younger siblings benefitting from running club and increased activity.

Churchlands PS hosted the interschool athletics carnival in a one day event (shift from a two day event), which was a huge success.  The engagement from the P&C to make this event a success was a major positive to come from the event.

Sports News

Monday Morning Circuit Training Sessions

Monday Morning Circuit Training Sessions

Every Monday the sport captains, with the help of Mr Marshall, have circuit training.  This is where kids come along and do challenging exercises that are fun.  Each sport captain creates a sport activity of their...