Churchlands Primary School


Computer and Internet Use

Computers and the internet are essential resources for the children of today. The school and the Department of Education have mechanisms in place to minimise the likelihood of students accessing inappropriate sites but this cannot be totally guaranteed. Teachers are also fully aware of their responsibilities when their students are using computers.  It is impossible for teachers to closely supervise all students at all times when using class computers and the internet. The trust that exist in the teacher student relationship is even more important when students are using computers. All students are required to sign a “Computer Use Agreement’ which outlines the school’s expectations of students when they are using computers at school. By following the links below parents can view the "Computer Use Agreements" that students are required to sign.


2017 Student Internet User Agreement Yrs 1-6 

2017 Churchlands Staff Internet User Agreement

At Churchlands Primary School we strive to provide the best learning opportunities possible for our students. We acknowledge that we are preparing students for jobs that don‟t yet exist, using technologies that haven‟t been invented. With the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program we are aiming to „future proof‟ our students through fostering creativity and innovation using digital technologies.



Please find the School Boards response and planned actions in reqards to the 2017 BYOD Policy implementation.
Further information to be communicated in the coming weeks.