Churchlands Primary School

Sun Protection Policy


Churchlands Primary School Sun Smart policy aims to:

  • increase and maintain the awareness of students and teachers to the risks involved in exposure to UV rays and implement protective and preventative measures to minimize the dangers of excessive UV radiation.
  • provide a safe and shady school environment.
  • encourage behaviour responsive to protection from the sun.

Our policy is implemented all year.



  • Sun awareness issues (protection, skin cancer) are incorporated into appropriate learning areas of the school curriculum, notably Physical Education and Science.
  • Students, staff and parents are presented with all available educational sun protection material with constant reminders throughout the year during assemblies, meetings, recesses and sport sessions.


  • Students to wear brimmed or legionnaire style hats whenever outside.
  • If children are without brimmed or legionnaire hat they must stay out of the sun, and sit in a nominated shaded area until the end of that play period. The children’s names are entered in the playground discipline book.
  • Children are encouraged to wear sun protective clothing – shirts with collars, rashies for swimming.
  • Application of sunscreen is encouraged and all classrooms have suncream supplies.
  • Positive role modeling of sun protective behaviours by all staff is strongly encouraged.
  • Encourage children to use shaded areas for activities and play.
  • All classes eat lunch in undercover area.


  • Churchlands provides a well-shaded school environment – tree lined oval, specifically built shade and seating structure, sail/shade structure over junior playground and Pre-primary sandpit, large undercover area for formal assemblies and play during recess and lunchtimes, smaller undercover area set up for table tennis games, verandahs.
  • Fitness sessions are held early to avoid high risk UV times (also applies to physical education lessons and other outdoor activities if possible). Depending on timetabling difficulties the staff agrees in principle to running weekly sport programmes in the mornings.
  • Shade structures are erected specifically for carnivals.


This Sun Smart policy is enforced by the Churchlands Uniform policy, by which a condition of enrolment is the acceptance of the Uniform policy that is, wearing a suitable hat, is enforced.


  • Review Sun Smart behaviour of students and staff.
  • Monitor shade provision and usage.
  • Continue to promote and update curriculum information.