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The canteen operates three days a week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30am – 1pm.
Serving times are recess 10.45 – 11.05am and lunch 1.05 – 1.45pm.

Canteen Staffing

Due to COVID 19 restrictions no volunteers are able to be onsite at this stage, so some items on the current menu are not available.

Items that do come up on the quiclcliq app are able to be ordered. 

The responsibility for the day to day running of the canteen is undertaken by the Canteen Committee, a sub-committee of the P&C association. The P&C employs a canteen manager who is assisted each day by a number of volunteers. Each class is responsible for providing volunteers for one week a term to assist in the canteen. At the beginning of each term the P&C send out the canteen roster via class rep requesting volunteers for their designated week. Training will be given for new volunteers. The canteen could not operate without the support from parent volunteers. The canteen always welcomes and encourages new helpers.  If you would like more information about volunteering in the canteen please visit the canteen when it is open and speak to the canteen manager or contact them on 0421 840 245.

Canteen Menu

The Canteen Committee, including the Canteen manager, is responsible for planning the menu.
The menu choices reflect the Department of Education and Training’s Healthy Food and Drinks Policy. Food sold in the canteen is categorised using the ‘Traffic Light System’. Items are classified into categories based on their nutritional value, energy density and levels of saturated fat, added sugar, salt and fibre. The majority of the items available on the menu have been classified ‘Green’ which means they are considered the healthiest choices. Items classified as ‘Amber’ are acceptable as long as they do not dominate the menu; they have restrictions on how often they can be sold. The canteen is not permitted to sell items classified as ‘Red’. The canteen also follows the school’s ‘nut free’ policy.

The summer menu is available during terms 1 and 4. The winter menu is available during terms 2 and 3. Copies of the menu are available from the canteen on days it is open. The canteen is also open at recess for over the counter sales. A variety of icy poles and ice creams can be purchased at lunchtime.

Placing Lunch Orders

There are two ways to order a lunch from the canteen; over the counter or online. Over the counter orders require the following details to be written on a paper lunch bag; child’s name, room number items ordered and total cost. Paper lunch bags can be purchased from the supermarket or in packets of 20 from the canteen. The correct money, wherever is possible, is placed inside the bag. The bag is then placed in the lunch order container on the counter at the canteen prior to the commencement of school. Please note if late lunch orders are received it may not always be possible to provide what the child has requested. However, they will be given something that is available e.g. a sandwich.

The canteen also offers on online lunch ordering service. Ordering online is easy. Simply visit the site  Sign up by filling in a registration form online.

Once you have registered, log onto the website and follow the simple start up steps.
Please note you must add credit to your account before you can place any orders online.
There are three ways to add credit; credit card, PayPal or direct debit.
Once you have placed an order online you will receive a confirmation email.
Recess items are available for sale over the counter only, they cannot be pre ordered.

The canteen manager Mrs Anna Prosper can be contacted by:
Phone: 0421 840 245