BYOD iPad Program

iPad's towards the 4 C's
Parent Information | BYOD iPad Program

From 2017 Students from Year 1 to Year 3 were invited to bring their own iPad to school every day. In 2019 the BYOD program will include children from Year 1 to Year 5.

The BYOD program is voluntary. Students who do not have their own device have some access to school iPads, however this may not be 1:1. These are used on a rotational basis between the Learning Areas and available as often as practical.

It is critical parents support their child’s learning by ensuring the iPad is sent to school each day, is fully charged, and has all the required Apps installed with updates regularly maintained.  This process enables your child and the teacher to make the most use of these devices both at school and at home.

iPad Specifications

  • Preferably an iPad 2017 (9.7″ 5th Gen)
  • 32GB is recommended
  • WiFi capabilities. 4G is not required and will not be used at school.
  • Latest iOS

If you have an iPad at home that meets these requirements please feel free to have your child bring this to school.

iPad Purchasing Portals

Families are free to make their own decisions about where to purchase their iPads. JB HiFi and Winthrop  have special offers to buy through their portal for Churchlands Primary School families. Please find the links in the right hand column.

In order to keep the iPad safe and well-protected, it is compulsory for all students to purchase an appropriate iPad cover and we recommend adequate insurance coverage.

Accounts and Management 

Safety with your iPad 

  • Our Internet connection at Churchlands Primary School is filtered through The Department of Education.
  • Students will only be using Apps that are approved for educational use whilst at school.
  • Students will only use their devices under strict supervision, and with the explicit permission of their teacher.
  • Parental Controls are available to restrict certain features of the iPad you feel are not appropriate for your child. Instructions on Parental Controls

School WI Fi and Internet connection

  • Students’ iPads will be connected to the School’s Wi-Fi when at school.
  • 3G/ 4G is not advisable and we will not allow it at school.
  • Once the iPad has been connected to the school’s Wi-Fi it will be saved on the device and it will automatically connect to our WiFi each day.

Insurance and Protection

  • You may wish to check with your home and/or contents insurer if your existing cover extends to an iPad being brought to school by your child.
  • If you purchase your device through Winthrop Australia you may select insurance through Protectsure as an optional extra.
  • All Apple hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support.


In preparation for the commencement of the initiative,  certain educational applications (apps) are required to be installed. The list is comprehensive and takes into account each of the Learning Areas, as well as the general Apps that will be used across the curriculum. Please find the link to each App list in the right side column.
We recommend parents use their Apple iTunes account to purchase recommended apps or use an iTunes gift card to purchase the required core apps. From time to time you will be asked to install additional apps. Family sharing can be turned on at home to allow apps to be shared among devices in your home.

You may purchase your iPad via JB HiFi using our school code CLPS2019 at

You may purchase your iPad via our unique parent purchasing portal through Winthrop Australia at