Churchlands Primary School

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The Canteen Committee, including the canteen manager, is responsible for planning the menu. The menu follows the State Government’s Policy and Standards for healthy food and drink choices in school. This policy includes a food and drink categorization system based on the colours green, amber and red, representing ‘traffic lights’.

The majority of items available on the menu have been classified ‘green’ which means they are considered the healthiest choices and suitable for inclusion in the diet on a daily basis. All the other items are classified ‘amber’ and are acceptable as long as they do not dominate the menu and are not consumed too often. ‘Red” items include foods with high fat or sugar content are not permitted to be sold in school canteens. The canteen also follows the school’s ‘nut free’ policy. The summer menu is available during terms 1 and 4 and the winter menu is available during terms 2 and 3. Additional copies of the menu are available from the canteen on Mondays and Fridays. The canteen is also open at recess for over the counter sales.