Churchlands Primary School

P & C Association

Parents and Citizens Association


“Active parents, actively involved with the P&C, interacting with a committed staff, provides a dynamic school environment which maximises the outcomes for students.”

At Churchlands Primary School, the Parents and Citizen Association (P&C) plays a very active and vital role in the school community. Their financial contribution allows the school to provide a stimulating and educationally rich learning environment for Churchlands students. Without the support of the parent body, the students would not experience many of the wonderful resources and programmes the school accesses. 

Through its financial contribution, the P&C has made possible the installation of interactive electronic whiteboards in every primary classroom, air conditioned of the library, provided gas lift chairs for the computer lab, purchased books for the library, paid the wages of the canteen manager, provide an on-site uniform shop as a service for parents and contributed significantly towards the cost of enclosing the undercover area to name but a few.

The P&C role is changing. Increasingly they are becoming involved in school management and policy formulation, through its representation on the School Board. The P&C warmly welcome new parents to attend the meeting. All parents are entitled to become members of the P&C Association and are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. The meetings are held in the school staff room on the first Tuesday of each month, except when holidays intervene. The Annual General Meeting is held in February of the new school year. We love seeing new faces, hearing new ideas and meeting parents willing to make a difference to their child’s school. It is through the P&C that parents can actively help formulate and foster the learning environment of their children.

There are many ways a parent can get involved with the P&C.

Sub-Committees of the P&C Association

Parent Liaison Committee

Fundraising Committee

Safety House Committee

Canteen Committee
Uniform Shop Committee


Churchlands Chatter

The newsletter of the P&C is distributed the week after each P&C meeting. Items to be included have to be in the P&C Box by the Friday before. 


Parent Liaison/ Class Representative

Each class requires a class representative. This representative is the voice of the P&C, delivering messages and carrying out activities on behalf of the P&C. Duties are minimal, namely organising the class cake stall (once a year), collecting money and/or prizes for any P&C related fundraising activities, organising assembly morning teas for parents and friends. Other than P&C duties, the class rep is also responsible for collating a class contact list and organising parent get togethers throughout the year.


P & C Committees


Fundraising Committee

The committee is responsible for coming up with ideas throughout the year to support the programme that we fund. Every year, the staff present the P&C with a ‘wish list’ of items that they would like the P&C to purchase to assist them with their teaching. The P&C assesses the cost, the amount of available funds and then what activities it should do to raise the necessary money. New ideas are welcome.

Canteen Committee

The canteen is always putting the call out for parent help. Not only can you contribute by being on a regular roster for canteen duty you can also be on the canteen committee. Our canteen is fortunate enough to have a canteen manager, Mary. The committee meets once a month to discuss matters of menu, rosters, prices etc 

Uniform Committee

Churchlands Primary School is fortunate enough to have an on-site uniform shop. All orders are to be purchased online (see online canteen and uniform shop tab under Parent Info, P&C). It is staffed by two mums on a voluntary basis, who are also responsible for the ordering and stocktaking of the shop. Without these volunteers, we would not be able to operate the shop. New and selected second hand items are available.


Lunch Rules

For the first ten minutes of the lunch break, students must sit in the covered area and eat their lunch, under the supervision of the duty teachers.  If students are to leave the school grounds during the lunch period, the school must be notified beforehand in writing. Each class is supplied with sporting equipment for use at breaks – students should not bring personal equipment or toys to school.


P & C Box

All return slips from P&C notes are dropped into the P&C Box in the front office. All money for P&C fundraising should be placed in an envelope and dropped into the P&C Box before 3:00pm. No money is to be placed in the P&C box for uniform orders.


Before/ After School Care


Parents who require before and after school care are requested to contact the following or consult the Yellow Pages for other child care facilities.

Churchlands OSH Club

After School Care operates on the school site.  For more information and enrolments please visit or phone: 0423 806 587.  To cancel permanent bookings please SMS 0421 268 989 or email

Play’s Kool OSHC Floreat, 9383 7393.or 0419 959 


Parent Parking

Parent parking is at a premium from 8.15 – 9.00am in the morning and 2.30 – 3.30pm. Parents are encouraged to walk to school with their children when ever possible. Parent parking is available in the car park along Cromarty Road, in the area of land at the corner of Pearson St and Cromarty Rd and along Mountainbell Rd in the Churchlands Green development. Due to concerns over student safety, at no time are parents to enter the staff car park which is clearly labelled. There is a “drop and drive” area at the southern end of the Cromarty Rd car park and this is the only area where students can be dropped off. 


Extra-Curricula Activities

The school offers many extra curricula activities for students. These activities include: Active After School Communities Program (various sports), running club, swim squad, tennis coaching, chess, choir and band.

Details of these activities are given to parents as they come up and are always available from the front office.