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Achieving the 4 C's with technology
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Digital Capabilities in the Classroom In the Classroom: This example shows how students use their digital capabilities demonstrate and share reading comprehension.

Digital Capabilities learning includes student’s effective management and operating of technology to investigate, create and communicate. Digital tools are an extremely effective way for students to further develop their ‘4 C’s’ – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. These skills are in our students being able to adapt to their current and future professional environments.

Digital Capabilities are included in all areas of curriculum planning with the goal of using technology to support students to be effective users of technology. Over the last couple of years we have improved student access to a wide variety of technologies, including the introduction of the CPS BYOD iPad Program, to ensure our students become confident and effecient with all technology that intersects our daily lives.

Supporting students to be effective users of technology to develop their collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Digital Capabilities in the Classroom

Digital Capabilities Resources

Technology in focus


Showbie is a digital plaform that alows both teachers and students to obtain differentiated learning content and hand in learning for timely feedback from peers and teachers.

Book Creator

Book creator is a simple technology that allows students to produce and present their learning creatively and effectively including rich media.

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