Student Absent / Late Arrival Procedure

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Student Absent / Late Arrival Procedure

Under the Department of Education and Training regulations, the only acceptable reasons for absence from school are:  illness or associated appointments – notification is required for each absence.


Parents are required to advise the school whenever a child will not be attending school, the expected length of the absence and the REASON for the absence. It is not acceptable to just write “my child will be absent today”. Where an absence is planned, please advise the class teacher prior to the date. When an absence is unplanned e.g sickness or family matters, it is important the school is notified before 8:45am. Parents are encouraged to notify the school by using our Absentee number by sending an SMS message to 0408 905 268. If it is not possible to SMS the school, a phone call to 9253 9450 can be made. If a student has not arrived at school by 10.00am and there has been no notification an SMS message will be sent to the parents mobile phone requesting a return message advising us as to the reason for the absence.
The Principal does not have the authority to approve absences for family holidays, etc and absences of this nature remain the responsibility of the parent.   Please advise prior to your departure in writing , and your child will be marked as Unauthorized Vacation.  Parents collecting students from school that fall during school hours are to notify the class teacher prior to being picked up.  You must go to the office prior to collecting your child to sign out using the iPad and receive a student leave pass. This must be presented to the class teacher to “release” your child. The teacher will not to allow the student to leave with out this pass. Students are to be collected from the classroom teacher and if they are returning back to school please pass back through the office so it can be recorded what time they return.

Late Arrival

Students must be in class ready to start at 8:45am. Students who arrive late to school (after 8:45am will be marked absent if not present at the time of the roll being taken) you must report to the office to receive a ‘Late Note’ and take this to the class teacher, this also changes the status of the child to “present” and notifies the school that they have actually arrived.