Updating Student Information

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Student Information

The information that parents provide on the Enrolment Card is important in helping us to look after your child, and should be kept up to date.  In particular, we need to know:
change of address
change of telephone numbers ( Particularly mobile phone numbers)
change of parent’s work arrangements
any medical condition or allergies that your child may have
It is essential that parents inform the school office in writing of any change to student details.

Students Leaving

Parents are to advise the Principal in writing of the students last date of attendance at Churchlands Primary School and the name of the new school the student will be attending.

When students transfer from one school to another, a new Enrolment Card must be filled out at the new school. Birth Certificate and Immunisation Records need to be sighted at the new school, at the time of enrolment.
The admitting school advises the previous school when admission is effected, however, where possible parents are asked to notify both schools in advance.  The students work books and personal effects should be collected and taken to the new school, but items such as Reading Books and Library Books, which belong to the previous school, should be left at that school.