2018 CPS STEAM Expo / Science Week

The 2018 Science week / STEAM Expo was a resounding success! The students had a most wonderful, engaging and exciting week, topping it off on Friday with some awesome STEAM profession related dress-ups, engaging  expert presenters and our annual expo.

Both student work and parent participation was of an extremely high standard this year. The students demonstrated effective collaborative learning while solving authentic problems following the CPS Design Process, while the parent presenters led some very engaging discussion, lessons and hands-on exploration. Well done to all!

On Friday, on top of our wonderful parent presenters, we also had the privilege of having 2 very special guest speakers. Jonovan Vanyken from the CSIRO shared his journey in becoming a scientist and how he is working in the field of microbiology to help improve the way we recycle. We were also honoured to have Wiebbe Wakker who has driven his electric car from the Netherlands to Australia over the past 2 and a half years. Wiebbe’s Plug Me In project promotes the advantages of using electric power over using traditional fossil fuels to help improve our global environment. Both presenters were highly engaging and helped ‘opened’ our student’s eyes to how our STEAM learning can have a positive effect on some real global issues.

None of this amazing learning could have happened without the hard work of the CPS staff, especially the Science and STEAM Teams. We are so very lucky to have such talented and committed staff who always strive to challenge our students!  And of course to our also very talented STEAM student leaders who spent the week guiding students with many STEAM challenges in the Library.

We are already looking forward to 2019!