EALD / ESL News 

EALD / ESL News 

(English as an Additional Language / Dialect) 

(English as a Second Language)

It’s the end of another term and a fantastic opportunity to reflect on progress. Students have grown their confidence and their skills. They have built on their range of vocabulary, expanded their sentences, and edited for accuracy. (Don’t forget those capital letters at the start of a sentence and for proper nouns!) Students have decoded, discussed and delighted in reading. They’ve written recounts, narratives and persuasive texts. Together, we have shared ideas and conferenced writing to improve work. We’ve listened, spoken, read and written in Standard Australian English (SAE).   

Eligible EALD students will also receive Progress Map levels on their report to track their progress. This gives extra information to teachers and parents as to a student’s progress with their SAE language skills. This is assigned collaboratively with the classroom teacher and myself. Years P-2 use the Early Childhood Maps, and the Middle Childhood Maps are for years 3-6.   

Take care and enjoy the holidays!  


Mrs Sasha Key