2020 Christmas Concert

It is great news to announce that the 2020 CPS Christmas Concert will be going ahead at this stage. It is obviously subject to change if our COVID-19 situation changes. Also due to the continuation of COVID-19 planning there are a few common requirements to make the event possible.

Date: Tuesday 8 December

Time: 5.45pm (students in classrooms by 5.30pm)

Where: CPS Oval

This year we will be asking all parents and family member who choose to attend to:

  • Register EACH person attending through the registration link (also available on Skoolbag and the CPS Website)
  • Stay within Parent & Family designated areas on the night
  • Practice social distancing

We are really looking forward to having everyone there to celebrate as a community at the end of a challenging year.

Registration link (each non-student attending): https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-RaA4P3Ru0yDsLdutDYWJyzUSvBUtUtGiU2QPJCRfRZUQlFQSDlHMUxDM0pQM1o5ODJISkRNSjdCMC4u