2020 Cross Country

The weather turned it on for the 2020 Cross Country again this year with our students running over 3 separate timeslots. Fantastic determination, resilience and athletic prowess were on full display as the students pushed themselves towards the finish line.

The Juniors kicked off the action in the morning, with the Pre-primary and Year one students running 400m and the Year two students running 600m. The Year threes (800m) and fours (1200m) joined in just before recess and finally, our senior students finished the event running distances of 1500m (Y5) and 1800m (Y6) after recess.

Highlights of the day obviously included some stunning individual performances with personal best times and results achieved throughout the meet. It was also equally as pleasing to see the ‘Churchlands Way’ on full display with our students exhibiting so much support and encouragement towards their peers. A very special mention has to go to the Year six sports leaders who showed tremendous leadership and assistance continuously throughout the day. It was great to see such selfless acts, where the priority was to help others, rather than to worry about the effect that effort was going to have on their own individual performances later on. Your attitude and actions were inspirational for our younger students to see, well done!

The organisation of successful events do not happen by themselves and a very big thank you needs to go to Mr Marshall for putting together such a well run program during these uncertain times. The whole day went extremely smoothly which is a credit to his hard work. Thanks also go out to Mr Howesmith and the Music team for organising the entertainment, all the teachers who chipped throughout the day in the many required roles. A final thank you goes to the STEAM team for the important job of capturing the footage and producing videos for our families at home in our COVID year.

At the end of the day, it is a sports competition, and congratulations need to go to Stirling for taking out the coveted trophy. It was a hotly contested prize, however the Stirling team managed to get their noses in front when it counted. Well done Stirling!

Please find all of the race results, overall points tally, and videos of each race below.

Year Level Champions;

PP Boys                                                                      PP Girls

Champion:      Louis M– Cowan                 Champion:      Jessica C- Stirling

2nd Place:        Jai G– Cowan                       2nd Place:        Zoe B- Stirling

3rd Place          Miles S– Cowan                  3rd Place:         Ava W- Stirling

4th Place:         Edward G– Cowan             4th Place          Millie O – Forrest

Year 1 Boys                                                                Year 1 Girls

Champion:      Jack M – Stirling                  Champion:      Ella M – Curtin

2nd Place:        Magnus F– Cowan             2nd Place:        Eleanor S – Cowan

3rd Place          Michael G – Curtin            3rd Place:         Maya N – Curtin

4th Place:         Hayden P – Stirling            4th Place          Isabella T – Stirling

Year 2 Boys                                                                Year 2 Girls

Champion:      Emmett B – Cowan                 Champion:      Peri H – Stirling

2nd Place:        Benjamin W – Stirling             2nd Place:        Abbey W – Stirling

3rd Place          Declan C – Forrest                  3rd Place:         Zoey C – Forrest

4th Place:         Matthew F – Cowan                4th Place          Rhyse T – Cowan

Year 3 Boys                                                                Year 3 Girls

Champion:      Brendan G – Forrest             Champion:      Chloe M -Cowan

2nd Place:        Evan J – Curtin                      2nd Place:        Emelyn R – Forrest  

3rd Place       Drew R – Cowan                   3rd Place:         Aarvi D – Stirling

4th Place:         Obie M – Stirling                    4th Place          Ava E – Forrest

Year 4 Boys                                                                Year 4 Girls

Champion:      Angus P – Stirling                        Champion: Olivia DG – Curtin

2nd Place:        Hugh M – Forrest                     2nd Place: Savi O – Cowan

3rd Place          Cameron H – Forrest                  3rd Place: Ryleigh H – Stirling

4th Place:         Lachlan B – Cowan                      4th Place: Jade U: Curtin        

Year 5 Boys                                                                Year 5 Girls

Champion:      Taksheel K – Stirling                      Champion:      Megan J – Curtin

2nd Place:        Hudson P – Stirling                        2nd Place:        Klara T- Cowan

3rd Place          Charlie D – Forrest                        3rd Place:         Izzie H – Stirling

4th Place:         Adam W – Cowan                        4th Place          Zoe C – Curtin

Year 6 Boys                                                                Year 6 Girls

Champion:      Liam B – Stirling                        Champion:      Imogen R – Forrest

2nd Place:        Ming G – Cowan                       2nd Place:        Oceane J – Stirling

3rd Place          Kayden P – Stirling                   3rd Place:         Micaela B – Cowan

4th Place:         Boston B – Cowan                 4th Place          Ava B – Forrest

Overall Points

Curtin – 480

Forrest – 508

Cowan – 610

Stirling – 634