2020 Fluor Challenge

Congrats to the participants of the Fluor challenge, all the machines looked amazing!

The competition was a great success and everyone had fun, even if they didn’t win. There were loads of spectators there to watch the excitement. it was a real challenge for everyone because there was a time limit. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who wins it’s all about having fun” a quote from Lulu, one of the participating students. All of the teams had to use lots of teamwork so they could complete their build within the time limit.

Huge congratulations to Helena, Sophie, Lucy and Isabelle who were the winners with a total of 1008 points! Their team only used some pop sticks, an elastic band, some tape and 1 sheet of cardboard. Each team had 3 minutes to knock down the wickets with their design. Each time the rubber was knocked off the wickets the team earned 100 points however the materials used in every team’s design cost a certain amount of points.

Great effort to all teams and congratulations again girls!

Chloe – STEAM Team