2020 Year 6 Musical – What a Knight!

First of all, on behalf of all the year six students at Churchlands primary school, we would like to thank all of the parents and the P&C for helping out all of the kids and staff for the musical, they all gave up their time and effort to help out for this musical which we are all very thankful for. We would also like to thank all of the teachers that helped us to be the best that we could be, we couldn’t have done it without you!

And now to you, Mrs idle, you were the mastermind of this musical, you are the absolute best director that we could’ve wished for, you kept everything in order and brought out the inner actor and actress within us and you were the reason that this musical was as good as it was. And we thank you greatly for all of that.

And now finally as the ominous, Black knight would say:

Life is like a game of chess, and you are the ultimate grandmaster, and all the of the year six students are your loyal pawns, and with our final move, we would like to say……. Thank You!

Jake, Room 13 – on behalf of the Year 6 students