2021 Fluor Challenge

Congratulations to all students who took part in this year’s Fluor Challenge! The brief outlined that students needed to create a tower – as high as possible – that could support a can of food – think baked beans, for as long as a minute! The spanner in the works however was that it needed to be made only of paper and tape.

It was amazing to see students of all ages work together to find solutions to this sometimes frustrating problem. Teams demonstrated fantastic creativity, ingenuity and application of some of the engineering principals they were shown to create some very sturdy towers. While not all teams could win the prizes on the day, everyone involved had a great time working with their mates – facing the challenge.

In the end, Jacob and Xitong took out first prize with a tower of 44.5cm high, outpointing Eliza, Freya, Laura and Tina at the very last moment, who had set the earlier lead on 43cm. Congratulations guys!

A huge thank you must go out to Mrs Reed for her wonderful organisation of the STEAM team, who also performed brilliantly in their first event of the year.