2021 Scitech Challenge

Hot off the back from their wins in the CPS Design Thinking Challenge in Science Week during Term 3, our year 5 and 6 representatives were ready to apply their thinking skills against a broader challenge at the 2021 Scitech Challenge. This year, Scitech scheduled numerous challenge days as the identified need and usefulness in applying the Design Thinking process to problems has grown. This year our challenge day pitted both CPS teams against each other and two other teams from Currambine Primary school.

While unpacking the Design Process again, and then after being presented with a new authentic problem – designing a Perth attraction for post-COVID times, our student’s ability to work as a cohesive team was obvious and allowed our students to think together, designing some fantastic solutions for their chosen target audience.

Our year 5 team, Gracie, Olivia, Amelia and Mary, chose to design an attraction for children, while our year 6 team, Josh, Lucy, Sawyer and Sophie, designed a fun and original attraction that specifically catered for people using wheelchairs.

The 5s designed a mobile park and food truck that worked together, provided many various interesting things to do, but then could pack up and move to other areas. The 6s designed a ‘Wacky Wheelchair World’ that allowed people in wheelchairs to freely move around a large, themed area that offered tastes of the various countries of the world. Both designs where deemed original and offer an experience that would definitely attract people to use.

At the end of the day, the Year 6 team won the officially judged competition, and the Year 5 team won the Student Choice award. Both teams were humble in their achievements and proudly displayed all four school values on the day.

Congratulation teams – you did Churchlands very proud!

Mr Johnson