PE News and Updates Week 9

Swimming Carnival 2022 Years 3-6

What a wonderful day we had at the CPS swimming carnival on Wednesday 23 March. All the year 3 -6 students from CPS packed their bags and made the trek down to Churchlands Senior High School. It was a different atmosphere than in previous years, with no spectators in attendance.

It was amazing to watch swimmers of differing abilities give their very best efforts and do it with smiles on their faces. The Churchlands Way was visible across all age levels, especially RESILIENCE, as so many swimmers went outside their comfort zone to complete their races.

A massive thanks to all the teachers that helped out on the day with various roles; these events are not possible without your exceptional talents. To the senior students who helped out with various roles and guided some of our younger students in their races, thank you. Lastly, to all the CPS students, you are all AWESOME and I am always blown away by the positive attitude you all show at these events.

Congratulations to our overall Champion Boys and Girls from each year level.

Year 3 Boys

Champion – Magnus F – Cowan

2nd Place – Edmund L – Curtin

3rd Place – William S – Cowan

Year 3 Girls 

Champion – Naomi C – Forrest 

2nd Place – Ella M – Forrest 

3rd Place – Zara G – Forrest 

Year 4 Boys   

Champion – Jenson P – Stirling

2nd Place – Kian M – Curtin

3rd Place – Samik B – Stirling

Year 4 Girls 

Champion – Drishti P – Stirling 

2nd Place – Abbey W – Stirling 

3rd Place – Eden F – Cowan

Year 5 Boys

Champion – William S – Curtin

2nd Place – James D – Curtin

3rd Place – Oberon M – Stirling


Year 5 Girls 

Champion – Ava E – Forrest 

2nd Place – Lara S – Cowan 

2nd Place – Chloe McD – Curtin 

2nd Place – Chloe McL – Cowan 

Year 6 Boys

Champion – Connor B – Forrest

2nd Place – Angus P – Stirling

3rd Place – Lachlan B – Cowan



Year 6 Girls 

Champion – Gracie H – Cowan 

2nd Place – Jocelyn G – Forrest 

3rd Place – Mary C – Curtin 





The overall points for the day went something like this; 

FORREST 1, 073 

COWAN 992 



 Congratulations FORREST, who have now won the last 4 CPS Swimming Carnivals.  Will Forrest be knocked off their perch in 2023? 

Interschool Swimming Carnival (Year 4-6) 

The Interschool swimming carnival is happening on Wednesday 6 April at HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont. All those students who have been selected, have been notified and permission slips sent out via Skoolbag. The selection was based on the individual times of each competitor at the CPS carnival in Week 8. A program of events was sent home, with each child on Tuesday. This program (with competitor’s events) can also be viewed on the middle and senior school noticeboards (Located outside Rooms 7 & 13) 

Here is some information in regards to the carnival, from the organisers (SportsWA); 

Currently, we are working with HBF Stadium to make sure that we satisfy all the restrictions that they must adhere to of which there are two in particular.  

  1. The venue can only allow a maximum of 500 patrons into the pool area. This doesn’t include School Staff / Officials, SSWA Staff / Officials, Officials from SEDA / TAFE or HBF Stadium Staff. The 500 only includes swimmers and spectators. Due to this, we have made the decision to not allow spectators into the venue. We appreciate that this may cause some heartache with parents and so School Sport WA is investigating the use of Live Streaming allowing parents to go online to watch the carnival. 
  2. Masks are mandatory for all students, staff and event officials. A COVID mask plan can be located in the Carnival Handbook. Please make yourself aware of this plan and give me a call if you have any queries relating to this issue. 
Running Club 

Running Club is on Wednesday mornings starting at 8 am. For new families to Churchlands PS, Running Club is where students run laps around the school earning points for their faction. Exercising in the mornings has many health benefits and is a great way to start the day. 

Some benefits include: 

  • improved physical and mental energy,  
  • a better night’s sleep,  
  • help maintain a healthy weight 
  • reach your fitness goals, 
  • enhance your metabolism.   

A reminder that mugs for Milo need to be placed on the table outside the undercover area before 8.15 am. Milo is a reward for the effort put in during running club.  

It is encouraged that students need to run at least 4 laps to get a Milo. Turning up late won’t allow enough time to 4 laps done in.    

Can you please click on the link and fill in the attached form, so Mr Marshall can organise your QR code card before your FIRST running club. Kids of all ages are welcome to join in the fun, that is Running Club. Remember to bring your QR code to every running club.