2022 Fluor Challenge

This week we hosted the 2022 fluor challenge in the undercover. Year threes, fours, fives and sixes competed. Everybody worked to the best of their ability and cooperated beautifully. Their challenge was to make a ball run with specific dimensions and limited materials in thirty minutes.

The winners were announced today, and it was a very close contest, even though all the designs were different. Some designs were taller than required, and those worked very well. Another design was Plinko oriented, which succeeded too. The most interesting design was a ramp, mostly made of tape, however, one piece of tape hung a little low, and blocked the path. There were two designs in the year four competition that were very alike, and all along they were head to head.

After calculating the scores we are pleased to announce the winners are as follows:

Year 3 

Fluro: Paul, Kingsley & Lucas

Design: Amelia, Isaac, Magnus & Adam

Year 4

Fluor: Catherine, Sophia, Zoe & Abbey

Design: Lexi, Sophie & Charli

Year 5/6

Fluor: Ethan P, Ethan W, Jack, Melih & Dayen

Design: Keanu, Kaiden, Tyler & Xitong

Congratulations to all teams who participated this week! It was amazing to see such fantastic teamwork and creativity with your solutions. We look forward to you having another go at our next competition. Please see below for images from the competition.

 Skyla & Jaanhvi (STEAM Team)

The Winning Teams!