2022 Year 6 Business Fair

The Year 6 Business Fair is next Tuesday 3rd May. Hooray!!! This is a very much anticipated event for the whole school.

In Term One the Year 6 students chose a business to run and wrote a detailed business plan. Now it is time to put all their hard work into action. It has been touch and go as to whether we would get the opportunity to even run the fair this year so we have had to do some modifications but are very happy it is going ahead.

The morning will be like a mini royal show. Classes will be invited to come out during school time supervised by their teachers. We have 19 stalls comprising of food stalls, craft stalls and a side show alley of games. Cupcakes, snow cones, bubble tea. Earrings, white elephant stall, floonies, slime, bowling, nerf gun shooting to name a few. A poster for each business has been placed on the windows of the Undercover Area for the students to see.

We invite all students to bring coins to spend up big. Prices of items are generally up to $2. We suggest the money the children bring is in a purse or zip lock bag with their name on it. Preferably coins only please. For many children this will be the first time they have handled money and made their own decision as to what to buy. All money raised goes towards the year 6 camp in October this year.

Here’s to lots of fun

The Year 6 team