2023 CPS ANZAC Day Assembly

The CPS ANZAC Assembly will be held on Wednesday 26th April (First day of term 2) at 2pm.

As part of our ceremony, we like to invite any parents or family who has served or is currently serving, as special guests. If you are interested in attending the assembly in full-service uniform, please contact Luke Johnson at Luke.Johnson@education.wa.edu.au to arrange a designated seat.

Looking for flower donations

In CPS tradition, each class from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will present a wreath at the assembly, along with Mrs Fraser and other invited dignitaries. As a whole school event we would like to encourage that each class supply some foilage and flowers to make the wreaths and a couple of volunteers from each class  to assemble these on the day.

We will have trestle tables assembled between the office administration and the tennis courts, and the wreaths will be layed out here from 8:00am for everyone to assemble. As this is the morning of school returning we need to ensure that we have floral/ foilage donations and volunteers to assist for each class arranged before ANZAC Day.

This is a lovely morning that really brings the school community together for such an important event in our calendar so it would be beautiful to see a lot of support for this.