2023 Fluor Challenge!

Last week we hosted the 2023 fluor challenge in the undercover area, with teams from years 3-6 teams nominating to participate. We had a great level of interest and during the event, all students worked to the best of their ability and cooperated beautifully. The challenge this year was to create a device, with paper and tape that could lift a ping-pong ball and transport it, off the ground, over the greatest distance possible! This year, the challenge was spread out to allow suitable time for students to plan, design, refine and then finally execute – which took place on Friday at lunch in front of an excited live audience. Check out some of the highlights below.

Congratulations to all teams who participated this week! It was amazing to see such fantastic teamwork and creativity with your solutions. We look forward to you having another go at our next competition. Also, a great big thanks to Libby Goodwin for organising another seamless event.