2023 Student Councillor Voting & Awards and Leadership Assembly

This week our year 5 leadership hopefuls presented their case at the annual Councillor Speech assembly. 17 students nominated to be school leaders next year and both staff and students were impressed by the high-quality speeches. On Tuesday the Australian Electoral Commission met with the students to explain the voting process before our students in years 3, 4, and 5 made their vote. Students were required to number their top ten candidates.

Congratulations to all students who nominated and spoke. It is a great accomplishment to put yourself out there and prepare and deliver a speech in front of your teachers and peers. It takes courage and leadership to step out of your comfort zones and hopefully this will be the first stepping stone in your life-long leadership journey. All the best to you all and we look forward to hearing the results at our Leadership assembly on Friday the 9th of December.

The Awards and Leadership assembly will take place in the school undercover area from 9am. Parents whose children will be receiving awards or leadership positions will be notified by classroom teachers and/or the school admin team by the end of week 8.