Art News – Term 4 Week 3

What’s happening in the Art Studio? 

Our Art Room has become a busy pottery space with most classes using ceramic clay as a medium to create art. I really enjoy the reactions from the students when we are using clay. It is such a tactile experience filling room with such joy. Next year I think we might just have many more clay days! What a good idea? Everybody seems to love pressing the clay into textures, rolling coils, rolling spheres, pressing slabs, and joining bits with magical slip to make marvellous masterpieces.  

The Pre-primary and year one created owls and birds with their own quirky personality.

Room 5 and 6 are making a small fantastical door for a fantasy critter, fairy, gnome, or something from their imagination. It is so impressive to see all the different ideas and details they have included on their door. I wonder where these doors will live when they get them home.

The year three classes are creating their own miniature bird bath using pinch pots, Sgraffito (Italian for to scratch) and adding a creature to bring it to life.   

The year four classes have explored the shapes and textures of mushrooms. Many of their models are mushroom men or mushroom houses. All with heaps of personality. 

Room 12 have been carving their observed bird designs onto a lino block really for printing when they return from their camp adventure.  Photo 

Wishing the year six students a happy and exciting camp next week.  

Upon reflection we do love print making and painting and drawing and playing with optical illusions and designing fantastical things. Art is such a great subject to teach. 

Thank you for your support, 


Melinda Cockerill