Art News

What’s happening in the Art Studio?

The 2024 weekly Art Raffle as begun. During class, students are rewarded with raffle tickets to write their name and room number on for being amazing in behaviour, attitude and putting in outstanding effort during art class. Every week the Year Six Art Sparkz (Art leadership team) draw out three winners from each faction. These students’ names are called out over the PA on Thursdays so they can come to the art room to select a prize from a meagre prize box.

See the ‘Winner’s, who are Grinners’, celebrating their wins from week two and three. Congratulations to you all and enjoy the recognition for your exemplary style.

Throughout the Year, our Six Art Sparkz plan on using the backdrop during assemblies as an opportunity to share and promote the Churchlands Primary artists’ amazing art skills and talent.  The very regal Lunar New Year Dragon was displayed at last week’s assembly. Capturing a variety of ideas from year six students’ dragon illustrations one dragon was morphed together. The very talented Art Sparkz painted and decorated it for the brilliant eye-catching display. I am so proud of their efforts.

Next week the year three classes will be featured with their outstanding Dragon Eyes. I am overwhelmed by their skill and can’t wait to share. Watch this space in the undercover area next week.

If you need to contact me to speak about any concerns or have something to offer that could enhance the Churchlands art program please see me after school, Monday-Thursday or send me an email.

Year partner in education,

Melinda Cockerill