Art News – Week 5

What’s happening in the Art Studio? 

The first Art Leadership Team, The Art Sparkz, lunchtime workshop was held on Wednesday with huge success. The Sparkz offered a Crazy Critter open drawing activity for the year three cohort if they chose to take part. There were 29 participants who used stickers as a springboard for their original critter creations. It was an exciting time for all involved and I was so proud how the Art Sparkz managed the event with maturity and initiative. A Fantastic start to 2024! Please enjoy these snapshots.


The year four to six students have created a motivational, multicultural paper plate to become part of our collaborative Lunar Dragon. With ten classes, involved keep an eye out for this amazing floating sculptural installation within the school environment.  

The 20th Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach opens today, Friday 1 March and will be ongoing until Monday 18 March. Please see included in this newsletter the newsletter shared with me about this awesome event. Try and get to see the exhibition. Please take photos to share in art class, as it is always so inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining. The lucky year threes and fours will be visiting the event as an excursion on Friday 15 March. 

The lucky Art Raffle Winners photos are here for your enjoyment. 

Thank you for your support, 

Melinda Cockerill