Art News

What’s Happening in the Art Studio – Mrs Melinda Cockerill

Frog Pond Mural

This term many classes have been making ceramic tiles to install on the library wall behind the new frog pond. After observing drawings of frogs, long neck tortoises, birds, wildflowers and insects the students transferred their designs into wet clay tiles. One class even pressed native plants, leaves and flowers onto the damp clay surface to create their tiles. All the tiles have been embellished with coloured under-glaze or stains and finally gloss glazed. This patchwork mural of Herdsman Lake images will provide a connection between our frog pond with the important natural water source, Herdsman Lake. This body of water was known by the traditional Mooro Noongar people as, Ngurgenboro. This mural will start to be installed next week.

Noongar Seasonal Poles

Today, CPS students were privileged to meet and work with Summer Brinkworth, an emerging Noongar artist from Bunbury, in the southwest. After a great introduction from Summer about how she was inspired to share her culture creatively and the thinking behind the designs representing the six Noongar seasons, she worked with students throughout the day designing and painting each pole. Students from years one to six contributed to the artwork which will be proudly on display amongst the new Frog Pond.

A big thank you goes out to Summer, Lucas and Kayla for guiding us with this project and allowing our students to be an authentic part of the journey. We would also like to acknowledge the hard work from Mrs Cockerill and Mrs Samsa for organising, as well as the P & Cs contribution in sourcing the materials needed for the project. It was another wonderful example of working together as a community to provide great learning experiences for our students and add vibrancy and meaning to our school grounds.