Art Room News Week 3

The Art Gallery of WA has many interesting free exhibitions on show. The exhibition Yoshitomo Nara: Reach Out to The Moon, Even If We Can’t brings together major sculptural works alongside paintings, drawings, ceramics, and photography from world-renowned artist Yoshitomo Nara. I would recommend seeing this installation from this famous Japanese artist. It will only be on show in Perth. I attended the preview of the impressive The Western Australian Pulse Exhibition 2023  last Friday.  This year’s exhibition celebrates 31 years and features 61 works by the 2022 Year 12 Visual Arts graduates from 36 schools across WA. There is so much talent and insight from these emerging artists.

Check out the AGWA website for details about free workshops and tours on offer.

Thank you for all the coloured plastics that have been donated to  ‘The Design out Waste’ sustainability project. It is amazing how effective these items work once they are colour sorted and used to ‘paint’ with. This week Paula Hart came to work with classes designing faces and body forms using plastics on black fabric. The finished artwork has been photographed and then the pieces are re-sorted back into their colours so it can be used again and again.

We don’t need many more small, coloured plastic lids, but next week Paula Hart will be guiding our students on how to make three-dimensional flowers and garlands for her installation at Curtin University. To make colourful flowers and garlands we require more coloured bottles and large plastic-coloured lids.

Please bring in….

Soft, colourful shampoo bottles, yellow mustard bottles, red and pink tomato sauce bottles, 1 LT white milk bottles, cool drink bottles like Sprite, Mountain Dew, European Mineral bottles, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice,

Each flower takes at least 5 bottles. Please make sure the bottles are well-cleaned.

Your partner in education,

Melinda Cockerill


Please enjoy these amazing creations….